Learn Muscle Fascia Cupping (2 days) with moving cups which pull up fascia to remove adhesions and stretch tissue.  Many long standing issues are fascia related and vacuum cupping restructures the fascia. Effective release of tissue without the elbow work. This is different from Chinese Cupping which leaves red marks. Silicone cups are avoided we use valve cups to control negative pressure. This course is recognized for insurance with NHPC 15 ccp's, RMTA 12 ceu's and MTAS 14 primary ceu's. Or learn Tools & Techniques with past Certified CIPI instructor (Certified Injury Prevention Instructor).  Learn injury prevention, achieve results without stress to the hands using 30% less effort, learn effective techniques using elbows, hands or knuckles and tools to reduce injury and prolong your career. RMT's have a 77% symptom rate within 2 years. Click on MENU bar above for information on classes.

Why cupping and tools? Prevent injury to joints and thumbs and learn effective techniques for tissue & fascia release without strain to your body. Learn techniques like Rattan Massage (Full body and Thai Style) add bamboo sticks to massage in shapes to get leverage, deep pressure without stress to your hands. Use heated adapts to seated massage, use regionally for one a kind therapy! insurance coverage