Rattan Massage Workshop

Learn to add rattan/bamboo pieces to your massage delivering effective therapy with minimal impact to your body. Various shapes are used warmed or room temperature. Full body (using all sizes and shapes of sticks) & Thai Style(more minimal use of sticks with more massage) in this 2 day certificate class. History, Shapes & Uses of bamboo, Techniques and Styles, Indications/Contraindications, Safety Hygiene & Protocol and more. Get leverage, rolling, kneading, stripping, do deeper tissue work, do myofascial release, do regional work with no stress in this one of a kind therapy! Instructor is certified in Bamboo Massage. Easily adapts to seated massage, works over a sheet or clothing. NHPC 10 ccp's, RMTA 12 ceu's,  MTAS ceu's 14 primary. Covered by insurance for RMT's!

Dates: Edmonton June 2-3 (2018) Travelodge South, Calgary April 21-22 Oct 20-21 Sandman NW, Saskatoon Sep 1-2 PIMT, Regina March 10-11 Chateau Regina Hotel, Lethbridge June 16-17 Holiday Inn Express. NHPC 10 ccp's, MTAS & RMTA ceu's posted soon. $420+gst. 9-5:30. Bamboo Varnished set $135+gst, (Unvarnished $99+gst) pre-order online for class. Register call 1-403-891-4822 visa & mc accepted!