Rattan Massage Workshop

Learn to add rattan/bamboo pieces to your massage delivering effective therapy with minimal impact to your body. Various shapes are used warmed/cool or room temperature. Full body (using all sizes and shapes of sticks) & Thai Style (more minimal use of sticks with more massage) in this 2 day certificate class. History, Shapes & Uses of sticks, Techniques and Styles, Indications/Contraindications, Safety Hygiene & Protocol and more. Get leverage, rolling, kneading, stripping, do deeper tissue work, do myofascial release, do regional work with no stress in this one of a kind therapy! Instructor is certified in Bamboo Massage. Easily adapts to seated massage, works over a sheet or clothing. NHPC 10 ccp's, RMTA 12 ceu's,  MTAS ceu's 14 primary.

Dates: Edmonton June 2-3 (2018) Travelodge South, Calgary June 10-11 Sandman NW, Saskatoon Sep 2-3 PIMT, Regina Oct 28-29 Chateau Regina Hotel, Lethbridge Nov 25-26 Holiday Inn Express. NHPC 10 ccp's, MTAS & RMTA ceu's posted soon. $420+gst. 9-5:30. Bamboo full set $80+gst, pre-order online for class. Register call 1-403-891-4822 visa & mc accepted!