Tools & Techniques!  Workshop 

Work smarter not harderFeeling tired at the end of the day? want to work more hours? 77% RMT's have symptoms with 41% of RMT's  injured in 2 years of practice!  Learn body saving principles, theory & techniques. Learn to work using 30% effort.  Learn hand saving methods & techniques, injury prevention, ergonomics & body mechanics, work with various tools (20 tools) & more.   Day 2 focuses on hands on techniques & adding tools to massage, various videos & practice time, self care.

14 hour certificate, 30 page manual. 10 NHPC ccp's , 12 RMTA  ceu's, 14 MTAS ceu's TBA 2019 Dates 2019!. Early bird rate! $420+gst. Get a free tool!

[email protected] 1-403-891-4822 Registration required $100 deposit. Visa, MC and etransfer accepted. Held in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Regina.  

Recommended reading by leading industry experts co-authors Lauriann Greene & Richard Goggins of SAVE YOUR HANDS! book.  OWNERS - Host a workshop at your spa or clinic! prolong careers and injury for your staff!  Whether right out of school or practicing for 10 years or more they will value the class!  Group rates available ! Class outline below:   

Ergonomics your Environment
Body Mechanics - Working from your Lower Body and Legs
Posture - Scapula, Head posture, Back Neck Legs, Seated posture
Injury Potential
Observation & Practice
Implementing Better Practices & Self Care
TOOLS using in massage (demo and practice 20 tools)
Videos on Tool Usage - Therapist Thumb, Thumb Saver, Career Extenders & more!
HANDS on TECHNIQUES - avoiding joint strain Thumbs & fingers, avoid over use of hands/fingers/thumbs, Use of Thenar Eminence, Forearm, using knuckles and safer body parts in massage using minimal effort for same or better results!
Demonstration Hands On Techniques
Practice Time Hands On Techniques

Tools - Safe Use, Types of Tools (20 Tools) including Jackknobber, Index Knobber, Knobble, T-Bars, Therapist Thumb, Thumb Protector, Thai wooden Tools, Reflexology Trigger Point Tools, Accupressure Tools, Balls & Various Sizes and Uses, Passive Use of Tools, Active Use of Tools, Career Extender Tools Set and Video, Therapist Thumb Video, Bamboo Massage Tools and Video, AccuStar Tool & Video, Pressure Positive Videos and Tools, various other Tools, Bamboo Tools, Cupping Tools & more....
Tool Demonstrations
Tool Practice
Risk Factors using Tools and safe usage
Observation & Feedback
Bamboo Rattan Massage Demonstration
Practice with Rattan pieces
Therapist Thumb Demonstration & Practice Time
Research in the Industry
Links for Buying Tools
Tool Purchase

Oceans Massage

Learn Hot Stone Deep Tissue also to save your hands or Vacuum Cupping Workshops!


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